I found them. after all these years, I finally found my birth family

Got a copy of my original before adoption certificate in the mail this week.

I couldn’t speak for a full 48 hours. It was so surreal.

I was real. I had a name. I had a family.

After decades of wondering who they were, what their names were, what my name was..It was right there.

my name

my mothers name

my 1/2 brother, and my 1/2 sisters names…

my date of birth…all there.

so I did the next rational thing..I completely freaked out, and then started stalking them on FB. It’s a huge family. they seem so happy. I don’t think they even know I exist.

my birth mother only lived to 45. only record I could find of her was her death.we found the cemetery where she is buried, but I couldn’t find the obituary. I don’t know how she died.

She’s listed as having no children.

(but I’m here..I exist…)

I’m terrified to contact these people. i don’t even know if they would know anything about me. but I have to know how she died. I have to know if she died alone..if it was a suicide…I have to know. Maybe it’s a health thing…I dunno.

I have a brother. he’s 6 years older then me.

holy shit I have an older brother

and an older sister as well.

And my mom’s mom is still alive. I have a grandmother.

I have aunts and cousins and nieces n nephews…

And I’m just sitting here on the internet dumbfounded, too terrified that they are going to reject me to send a message…

holy shit..They exist.

I wonder if anyone knows I do.